We Provide a comprehensive range of patient care services in critical care and nursing care

Critical Care

ICU at home

We provide the full complement of equipment, medical supplies, specialist nurses / attendants and overseeing doctors. in addition our technology integration allows monitoring by all stakeholders.

ICU care services

With specialist guidance from intensivist and the treating doctors we deliver the best possible services to the patient without the clamour of a typical hospital ICU.

Free assessment of medical condition of the patient at the current location by a qualified doctor

Our team of experts will visit the hospital where the patient is being treated. They will assess and coordinate with the treating doctor plus the family members. Based on this, transition to home and care will be planned.

Installation of medical equipment at home

Our technical team will set up all relevant medical equipment at home. A dedicated coordinator will be assigned who will continuously monitor the requirements for care at home.

Placement of qualified and experienced at home. This will be based on the requirements and protocols of the ailment. Medication and monitoring will be as stipulated by the treating doctor.

We will place qualified nurse and dedicated coordinator for patient as per specific requirement to ensure highest quality standard.

Testing and calibration of the ventilator

If there is requirement for use of a ventilator at home, this will be first tested and calibrated at the hospital before the patient is moved for care at home. Implementation of the settings will be in accordance with the stipulations of the treating doctor.

Discharge management

Our team will commence service from the hospital itself and manage the process of discharge and transition to home care

Migration from hospital to home

Our team will help in hassle free shifting from hospital to home with proper arrangement of ambulance (optional).

Stabilization of patient at home

Close monitoring will be done in next 48 hr and ensure that patient recovery and update to treating doctor.

Arrangement of qualified backup staff equipment

The Coordinator assigned to the patient will plan and manage availability of back up staff to provide for absenteeism. Arrangements for back up equipment will also be put in place for contingency of malfunction.

Continuous care at home

The CCU care model provides for continuous care at home for chronic illnesses under the supervision of a qualified and relevant doctor. They will also arrange for other services that may be required, e.g Physiotherapist, Psychiatrist etc.

Review with treating team, family and doctor. Reviews with the stakeholders

As part of CCUs Continuous Care model, the Coordinator will conduct scheduled reviews with the treating doctor, the family doctor and assigned family members.

Primary Care

ICU trained nurse

Apart from relevant qualification, the practical experience of working in all ICU environment is critical. We have vigorous process to evaluate the staff nurses assigned to ICU at home.

Patient attendant

It is important that the patient is comfortable with nursing attendant assigned. Apart from possessing professional skills relevant for the job, they are also trained in soft skills to handle patient.

Physiotherapist at home

We provide qualified and experienced physiotherapist that also possess problem solving skill. They recognize that sometime the recovery may be slow process and therefore compassion, determination and patience are necessary skill.

Home visit of doctor

We have a panel of doctors ranging from general to specialist, who are available for visit to access or treat patient.

Medical equipment on rent

We have alliances and arrangements with the best in class equipment supplies. We can provide and support a wide range equipment catering to critical and general needs of patients undergoing treatment at home.

Supply of medical consumables

In line with our andevour to provide a total solution for the patients needs, our operation team will organise supply of medical supplies at most competitive rates for reputed brand.

Nursing services

Our specialist staff is available on call or on a longer term bases. Nurses are qualified in nursing theory and experienced in holistic care. Nursing services can be provided for a wide range covering but not limited to cardiac, orthopedic, oncology and other general nursing needs.

Male/Female nurse and attendant -12/24 hour duty

A wide base of trained resource is available for varying needs of patients - 8 hour a single visit to 12 or 24 hours duty. They are additionally trained to present a compassionate and carrying attitude towards the patients